You may (or may not) have noticed a change in the branding and format of our latest podcast (Spiderman Swings and Primark Burns).

After our brief summer break we decided to come back with a new style, a new image and a renewed energy. All this fed into our decision to rebrand the Xite Gaming Podcast as the Empty Promise Podcast.

We figured it could do with a fresh lick of paint and a new studio to boot. The focus has changed away from just a ‘Gaming’ podcast (in fact it has never really been much of a gaming podcast), as we disucss every concievable thing under the sun, film, TV, food, music, games, current events, online drama, the works. Nothing is off limits.

But why the ‘Empty Promise Podcast’ I hear you ask ( I think I hear you anyway, it could be those damn Andersons next door again). Well, we are the home of the empty promise after all, and the Podcast now falls under that empty promise umbrella (ironically, the podcast is the one commitment we regularly deliver on)

We have described ourself as the home of the empty promise for a long time now, inspired by our tendancy to not follow through on certain things we said we would do. And while we still talk a lot about prospective video ideas or things we would like to do but will never get around to actually doing, we are making a conscious effort to start following through on promises when they are related to this podcast.

Anyway, this post is just to inform those of you who actually care(all 3 of you) about why the podcast name has changed. We hope you guys stick around as things are just gonna keep getting better as we go!



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