Join the guys this week in the final round of the Spooky Stories of October (its late, we know) as they delve into the paranormal activity that was suppose to have lived in 122 Ocean Avenue Long Island, AKA The Amityville House.

After the house became known as a murder house and the value of the property plummeted. George and Kathleen Lutz moved them and their family into their dream house. A fantastic dutch colonial, complete with boathouse, heated pool and spacious yard. 

The thing is, they only lasted 28 days in the house.

All this and the worlds weird and wonderful news along with what the guys have been up to in their spare time along with the nations favourite pizza topping.


00:01 – Intro
01:18 – On This Day
08:20 – News of the Week
21:17 – What we have been watching
36:58 – Main Topic – The Amityville Hauntings
1:13:17 – Where to find us
1:13:36 – Personal with the Podcast
1:29:10 – The Nations favourite Pizza Topping
1:36:48 – Closing Thoughts

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