Join the guys for episode 92 of the podcast and the first of a new decade as they discuss New Years Resolutions.

Picking apart some of the more obvious and mundane resolutions the guys discover and uncover some of the pit falls which stop or hinder many of us in achieving our new year goals. They also discuss some of the resolutions they themselves have made both personally and podcast related.

The news of the week sees the guys discuss everything from a horney tortoise who single handedly kept his species afloat, Greta Thunberg throwing down on Roger Federer and did Nostradamus predict the Iran attacks and WW3? Along with some nerd culture news there’s also a wholesome news piece on Nick Cage.

The guys regale us with how they’ve spent the Christmas and new years break and what all lies in store for the podcast in 2020.

00:00 – Introduction & On This Day
06:45 – News
16:08 – Nicholas Cage in Somerset
38:13 – Our New Years Resolutions
76:01 – Common New Years resolutions & how to acheive them
107:25 – Our Weeks

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