A look at both, our own Christmas traditions along with the traditions from around the globe.

As the guys prepare for Christmas 2019 they talk about some of the weird and wonderful traditions associated with this holiday season. D brings twenty five facts you didn’t know about Christmas and Chris brings us a look at the different holiday traditions from around the globe.

Back to the guys own Christmases from Christmas eve drinks and food, to what to do if carolers approach your door, to the only Christmas films you will need in 2019 – The guys cover it all.

A look at the weekly news involving Time Magazines person of the year, a disgusting human on board a flight and a look and speculate on the new Xbox.
The nations favourite Christmas song is up for debate along with what the guys have been up to over the last fortnight.

Chris gives a review of a recent product he ‘Splurged’ on and D tells us about his Christmas staff do.

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