The true story of one of the greatest con men the world has ever seen.

Podcast Begins in earnest @ 15:43

This week on the podcast the guys ‘riff’ for a bit before actually starting, giving us a true insight into the table discussions at Empty Promise.

When they finally get going, D tells us the unbelievably true life story of Frank William Abignale Jr. One of the greatest and most daring con-men the world has ever seen.

Posing as a pilot, a doctor a lawyer and even an FBI agent Abagnale made tens of thousands of dollars cashing fraudulent cheques he made himself, leading the FBI and authorities around the world on one of the biggest chases in history. 

He did all this before his twenty first birthday.

Along with the weekly news, random tid bits and on this day segment the guys also jump into what all they have been up to over the past fortnight.

Whiskey, steam rooms, continental markets and work life all discussed along with what the guys have been reading, watching and playing.

D also gives us a rundown of his top five places to eat in Belfast, a must listen for anyone interesting in visiting the big smoke.

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