So we recently on podcast talked about the games we wished to play this year which then got me thinking. How much time to I have to play games and what all games do I wish to play this year?

So basically I was thinking of very simple maths fifty two weeks a year, a game every two weeks, take out holidays and other factors its about 25 games per year.

But then I broke it down a little further.

Okay so there’s twelve months in any year. That’s around fifty two weeks. Between three hundred and sixty four or five days depending on the year. Break that down further that’s eight thousand seven hundred and thirty hours or so.

But that’s too complicated.

Lets take the fifty two weeks and subtract five weeks for holidays that’s forty seven weeks. So that’s three hundred and twenty nine days. Five days a week I work so that’s two hundred and thirty five days work. That leaves only one hundred and thirty days free. But in all reality they will not be free. But for arguments sake we will say they are.

One hundred and thirty days divided by the twenty five games gives me on average five days per game.

Five days. That’s great. However it all bloody depends on the games I wish to play. Five days on Wolfenstien 2 is excellent. Five days on Final Fantasy 15, now we’re in trouble.

So first off, what are the twenty five titles this year on my backlog.

These twenty five games are in no way in order of what I wish to play, nor are they in order of what way I will play them. These games can be absolutely any games from ones I have in my collection to games I will be purchasing this year.

Ready? Okay lets look at the list.

  1. Ratchet and Clank (PS4)

First introduced to me by James Sinker, this is one of the games that made me want to buy my PS4 and boy what a title it turned out to be. My first Platinum trophy and an absolutey outstanding platforming experience this is one that had absolutely no problem making it onto the play list this year. I’m already polishing my wrench (NOT AN INNUENDO).

  1. Skyrim (PS4)

Anybody who listens to the podcast or who knows me a little knows of my unconditional love for this somewhat bug ridden masterpiece from Bethesda. I opted for the PS4 version over my Switch version here as I believe in the two weeks I can obtain that Platinum trophy and cement my love for becoming Dragon Born in eternity. FUS RO DAH!

  1. The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild (SWITCH)

Okay so I have had this game in the collection from Christmas but have yet to have the time to devote to such a powerful title. I holiday now in February for several weeks and you can bet this is my go-to title for the trip. Not a lifetime Zelda fan by any means but since playing Twilight Princess I have invested some serious time into Windwaker and Ocarina of Time also. I absolutely love the Characters, Lore, Dungeons and don’t even get me started on Hyrule. I can’t wait.

  1. Minecraft (XB ONE/PC)

Okay so this is one I wasn’t so sure about including for the simple fact, I will be plaing a series play for the channel and didn’t know whether to include it or not. However if last year was anything to go by, D and myself must have sunk atleast two weeks of gameplay into a world alone. So I am one hundred percent sure we will be jumping back in this year. Not to mention if we get a few of the other guys to get their laptops up and get a server going. We got digging to do.

  1. God Of War (PS4)

I am of course referring to the God of War 4 title being released in April. Ehh, Norse Mythology? A father and son emotionally rich story? The Witch in the Woods? God Slaying? Do I need to go any further. Been a fan since I first started my god decapitating, button mashing on PS3 with these titles and have since fallen in love with the character of Kratos (he’s a beast). Now throw away any pointless button mashing, OTT QTE’s, throw in an open world to be explored with weapon upgrading system, sprinkle in Norse gods and creatures and I will literally throw money at it. No seriously, April cant come quick enough.

  1. Dark Souls Remaster (PS4)

I want to die.

  1. Final Fantasy 15 (PS4)

I have yet to delve into any kind of JRPG let alone Final Fantasy (Ninety Nine Nights does NOT count). But based off of Sinkers recommendation this seems to be a more ‘Westernised’ title in the F.F series. No turn based combat, giant chicken looking things and apparently a story that will tear me to shreds? You had me at Namaste. Wait.

  1. Farcry 5 (PS4)

I absolutely adored Farcry 4. For some reason when I game the game a chance I found it hard to pull myself away. My only gripe is that there wasn’t nearly enough Pegan Minh. Now take that formula. Set it in hillbilly land USA. Throw in some kind of religious cult with gun wielding, bat shit crazy frontman and I will be hunting and skinning animals to increase my carry load for an easy five days. Farcry 5 will be an absoluety essential to my list come March.

  1. The Last Of Us (PS4)

So I have some unfinished business with TLOU. Beat the game twice, now looking to test my ability in Survivor difficulty (I think that’s it, The hardest one). Anyway, The Last of Us 2 trailers we have been seeing is only getting me more and more amped to delve back into this depressing world of clickers, curb stomping and story telling Naughty Dog have done so bloody well in recent years.TLoU will be one you most certainly will see on our channel this year and an easy spot on this list. And the Soundtrack.

  1. Uncharted 2&3 (PS4)

I’ve included both titles here and not Uncharted 4 just yet as these are the second and third instalment of the Nathan Drake collection I must finish. Platinumed the first and found it way too enjoyable I just jumped straight into two, however a problem with my hard copy prevents the rest of the game from being installed. So until I purchase the title again I will just have to wait. But its so good I will be seeking both platinums when I return to Nate. I call him Nate.

So there is ten of the must play games for me this year. Yes I know I said twenty five and twenty five is what you will get but it has to be easily read and digested… Apparently.

I would love truly to hear of any of your own personal back logs or games you may be planning on playing this year.

If you are new to our website do check out our Youtube page where you will find our podcasts and in turn, hear me talk my way through this list with the guys.

Until the next ten.


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