One Month To Go

One month. One month to go. That has flown, right now at XITE Gaming studios it's all go, go, go! We haven't had a moments rest, Ok yes I had a week away in Mayo, and yes Diddlez was in Germany for two weeks, and somewhere else for a week that I can't remember at … Continue reading One Month To Go

So, It’s been a while?

So, as the title suggests, it has been a while from I have posted anything... ANYTHING!   You are all probably wondering what is going on, "Did Paddy leave and go to something that has a future?" "Did he realise that he was the glue holding XITE together and couldn’t handle the pressure anymore?"   … Continue reading So, It’s been a while?


Eugh. I know. Its started negatively. But its like being stuck between a rock and a million hard places. I am of course referring to the fact that I find myself being one of the gamers in the world with mounds of games, titles galore, but nothing to play. Nothing calling out to me. Nothing … Continue reading HELP!

Weekly Update: 07/05/2017

Motivational Quote of the Week: (It takes a bit of motivation to keep on top of things here, sometimes we slip up and dont post something we said we would(okay, a lot of the time), so we’ve decided to start featuring our favourite motivational quotes.) “The first step toward failure, is trying.” This Week: There […]