Join the guys this week for part two of the Spooky Halloween/October run-in (Spooktober)

This week it’s D’s turn to take Chris on a disturbing journey to the mysterious Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. Cattle mutilations, poltergeist activity and mysterious orbs are just some of things to scratch the surface of this paranormal, supernatural site. With a story dating back to the mid nineties D leaves Chris utterly speechless with the activities recorded. This is not for the faint hearted!

News this week came from a sub two hour marathon achievement, El Camino debuting on Netflix, typhoons striking the rugby world cup and Nike’s latest ‘Jesus Shoes’ selling out in minutes.

D regales us of his own tale of survival as he found himself locked inside a park after dark and the guys catch up on what they’ve been watching reading and eating in the past week.

00:01 – Intro
00:48 – D gets locked in a park
03:11 – On This Day
09:00 – Where to find us
10:28 – News of the Week
27:30 – Main Topic – Skinwalker Ranch
01:23:42 – Personal With The Podcast
01:39:50 – Closing Thoughts

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