Join the guys this week as they return after a series of unfortunate events. Returning to the table, this week marks the first of The Paranormal/Otherworldly/Spooky/Creepy Stories theme running throughout October this year.

After some brief chit chat the guys delve into the Dyatlov Pass Incident – a 1959 expedition that ended disastrously. They cover the event, the aftermath, the investigation and of course the conspiracies surrounding the case (which has recently been reopened by Russian Government).

As well as this the guys talk the weekly news, including a man who fought a grizzly bear, The Last of Us 2 release date and a moral dilemma involving £100,000.

Food, Books Games and Things the guys have done wrap up this episode on a lighter note – but its only the beginning.

***TimeStamps ***

00:01 – Intro
01:20 – Spooktober Starts
03:20 – Shoutouts (we may have missed)
05:05 – On This Day
10:00 – News Of The Week
29:50 – Main Topic – The Dyatlov Pass Incident
01:22:48 – Personal With the Podcast
01:46:00 – Closing Thoughts

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