So here it is, 2018.
God what a year 17′ was. It was fast but it was a pretty solid year to be fair. We got a good bit done too, the most important thing here being that we started all this.
Writing to the internet.
Well I suppose we should kick off this year with a little resolution or two first, what to keep with traditions and all that. After all, New Year New Me. (I will never say that again I promise).
So although I don’t necessarily do the whole resolution thing (reasons for that being in Ep.32 of our Podcast) I do have several things this year that I have planned to do or get done.
First and foremost, I vow that this page will not lay in waste. Too many times have I thought “I enjoy reading blogs and tid bits on the internet, I wonder if people would read what I say”. Now although you may have just answered “No” to that, you’ve made it this far so technically I win. People are nosy. I am nosy. Its a strange thing and one I’m not prepared to try and understand but it works, so I will write. I have actually made a point this year so far of jotting down literally anything that comes into my head as a somewhat interesting thought. Some are deep, some are silly and some are, well lets say ‘miscellaneous’ but you’ll get them all.

Lucky you.
Second, I know the success (no matter how small a success) of any YouTube channel comes with video. It comes with content. So you would imagine we would be striving for new content all the time. Well it wasn’t necessarily the case last year as between the two of us we were still getting to grips with the fact that we will actually be on the internet. But this year comes with a bit of a turnaround in how we have been doing things. We even had a meeting. (If we haven’t had the meeting by the time this is published, rest assured we will be having a meeting).

But in all honesty D and I couldn’t be happier with the way things have played out so far, its truly incredible people listen to us on a weekly basis (I’d give a thumbs up emoji thing here but I don’t know how to write that one yet) so, with those thoughts spurring us on, we WILL have much more content. We WILL have new series’ throughout the year. We WONT be settling with the lame excuses we spewed last year we have a community to build. Which leads me to part three.
Building our community this year is an absolute must for us. Audience interaction is the key thing we will be striving for week in week out. We will be posting, chatting and gaming with you all as much as possible. We will be attending many key events which will help with our audience reach and you can expect us to be polluting feeds everywhere. (Un-follow if your offended) So if you are reading this. Thank you. We are one more step into ‘Mastering the Art of Audience Retention – A Comprehensive Guide’ (Guess who got a book for Christmas).
Gaming wise, I have a backlog list the length of my arm (literally) to get through. I don’t want to miss any big titles. I don’t want to judge games this year the way I may have done in the past. This year I am in an open relationship with gaming. Nothing is off the table and I’ll be venturing well outside my comfort zone (with the help of the guys and of course you guys). Very excited to see what turns up this year. I’m not doing this for the sake of it, I genuinely want to expand my knowledge of games, my knowledge of characters, worlds, developers, systems you name it. I have always been a firm believer in ‘More’. The more you know they say and I’m always looking for more. Always.
Its not just gaming and nerd life though. I’ll be constantly looking for improvements in my everyday life. In work. In Relationships. In everything. If you aren’t improving what really are you at? Staying still? Being comfortable? That’s fine, 100% with me. Go ahead and be comfortable being where you are I’m happy for you. But I’m never comfortable being ‘content’ there’s not much point in that really.
“Always happy but Never satisfied”.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not ungrateful, in fact I am an extremely greatful and appreciative person I am very thankful for what I do have in my life. Now if that was given to me of course I am immensely greatful. But if I myself worked to create that, to give myself what I have, I don’t feel the same I always feel that there is room for more, more improvement, more fun, more.. something. I guess this year I will just be working harder all round. That’s all.
Gym wise. I’ll be doing what I do best. Me
There’s no point mentioning gym stuff here, I’ll do a seperate post on that one.
I have a big year coming up and I know I am surrounded by the people I need most to make this year what it could be. I am looking forward to meeting new people though and seeing those new places oh and don’t forget eating the new food… Obviously. Actually maybe I should talk some about food later.
Look just be ready for a lot of posts, a lot of content, a lot of laughs.
I’m done for now, its near my bedtime and I honestly couldn’t be bothered typing anymore, this seemed like a good idea like ten minutes ago but now I just want to eat and sleep.
Myself and D look forward to polluting your screens this year whether you like it or not.

You will though.

You really will.

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