Call of Duty WWII drops this Friday 3rd November.

I know COD has been falling out of fashion in recent years , due to its focus on futuristic environments and abilities, like jetpacks, power suits, wall running and space (although that hasn’t stopped it from selling overwhelmingly well).

Battlefield 1 proved that people were ready for a reality based, down to earth, grounded shooter experience. And thankfully COD have followed suit with WWII, which to be fair, looks fantastic.

It’s ‘back to its roots’ and that’s a good thing; the multiplayer looks fun, the combat feels gritty and real, and the story campaign looks extremely promising, both in terms of an interesting exciting narrative and an epic engrossing experience.

I was hyped for this game, the first COD game I’ve been hyped for since Modern Warfare 3 if I’m honest.

But alas, it hasn’t even released yet, and it has already let me down.

The game will require a sizeable 9GB update before allowing you play. This isn’t uncommon these days for accessing the online segment of a game, as developers are constantly tweaking things, adding some textures, rebalancing weapons etc.

But this update is required in order to play the game in any fashion. The offline single player story mode is locked out, local multiplayer or zombies is locked out. You can literally do nothing until you download this patch.

So be warned if you intend to buy this game on disc, no part of it will be accessible until you download the full patch, which will be annoying at the least, and very frustrating if you have data caps/poor speeds.

And I wonder how the servers will handle thousands of people attempting to download this patch at once when the game does launch. I can foresee many a disgruntled gamer having to wait for an extended period, or deal with failed downloads.

For people like myself with basically non-existent internet, downloading this patch involves moving the console to somewhere with a decent connection. Like physically moving the console into another building, to download a patch to play content that is ALREADY ON THE DISC.

Whatever happened to the days of inserting a disc/cartridge and just playing the game?


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